I am thrilled to show you the cover for my forthcoming book with National Geographic Kids, entitled Dog Days of History. It’s the history of the human/dog relationship from ancient times to the present. Releasing March 27th, 2018!


Woo! Must have! I hope you included Cairo, because a kid picked him for an inquiry topic and I accidentally sent books on Egypt….

Sarah Albee says:

Ooooh, Cairo was definitely in the book as one of my “Top Dogs,” but I’m so sad to say, we had to cut him because of space. I’m so sorry about this all around. But that’s pretty funny about the books on Egypt. 😀

lol, i just get a list of very basic, single-word topics. and i’m like egypt? a rapper? let’s go with egypt. last year one of the fifth graders wanted books on “frozen bodies” so you never know!

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