Sarah’s Programs

Large Group Presentation: Research, Write, Revise!

  • Grades 3 and up: 45 – 60-minute presentation, no limit to size of audience
  • Grades K – 2: 30 minutes plus time for Q and A (the modified version for younger kids will include more personal details about the life of a writer, and where writers get their ideas.)

In this highly interactive and visual presentation, geared toward larger groups, Sarah discusses how writers choose a topic, and then delves into her research process, which often takes an “unconventional” turn, given the unusual slant on history that her books focus on. To demonstrate how stories from the past may be told from many different perspectives, she uses costumes, props, photographs, and volunteers to help dramatize what life in the fourteenth, sixteenth, and eighteenth centuries might have been like. Young writers will also learn how a professional author faces many of the same revision challenges they do, and Sarah gives tips for improving a piece of writing and creating clear, interesting prose.

Make it Snappy! A Nonfiction Revision Workshop

  • Grades 3 – 9, 45 – 60 minutes; best for groups of up to 35 students.

Using intriguing images, real props, and student participation, Sarah draws on the content of all her middle grade nonfiction titles with a lively discussion about the writing process, from the idea phase all the way to the completed book.She then models ways kids can develop their own unique writer’s voice, using mentor texts and by demonstrating her own revision strategies. Kids then apply what they’ve learned to revise their own writing.

IMG_9005IMG_3821Details About School Visits

Sarah speaks with audiences from kindergarten through high school. A basic school visit includes three presentations per day, lunch with kids, and a book signing. Her honorarium for the 2017-2018 school year is $1500 per day. Discounts are available for multi-day visits. (For schools more than 75 miles from Watertown, CT, a moderate flat fee (to be discussed) would be added for mileage, meals, and lodging. Please send an email to Sarah at “contact me” to arrange a visit.

Once a visit date is confirmed, Sarah can provide schools with flyers, detailed information about ordering books, and tips for a successful visit.

While taking still photos is fine, Sarah requests that you do not make or post video recordings of her presentations.

Public library visits

The typical honorarium for a single presentation is $600. Book signing is appreciated.


Skype Visits

Sarah offers a limited number of free Skype visits (twenty minutes or less) as her schedule/deadlines permit. The only requirements are that kids be somewhat familiar with her books and that they prepare questions in advance. Sarah’s Skype account name is sarahalbee. Please send an email to Sarah at “contact me” to arrange a visit. Note that the dates fill up fast!

Some teacher testimonials:

“I highly recommend Sarah Albee as a presenter for your school. Sarah came to speak with our Lower School, kindergarten through grade 5, last school year. In two sessions, grades k-2 then 3-5, our students enjoyed their time learning about her books and sharing in her many  work and life experiences. Sarah is a captivating speaker and a true professional who will tailor her programs to your needs.”

Sarah Albee visited [our middle school]. She addressed 6th, 7th and 8th grade students identified as gifted.  The topic of Ms. Albee’s presentation was writing non-fiction.  She then led the class in a number of lively activities about the process of writing, including choosing topics, research, the editing process and a lively activity about famous first lines that had all the students actively engaged. She is an excellent, inspiring speaker and I would highly recommend her to any program.

921206_10208283187060816_4568371606787461844_o“Several positives emerged from our classroom discussion via Skype with author Sarah Albee.  First, and foremost, the experience brought a mentor into classroom who spoke passionately about writing and valued originality and diversity.  What emerged from the conversation was a great lesson in research, having high standards, the value of inquiry, and the fact that we can write about anything.  

Second,  my experience one on one with Sarah was friendly and comfortable–she was very willing to mold her talk around the needs and interests of my students and fielded many questions for over twenty minutes.  She answered each of my kids thoughtfully and left them all feeling valued and happy that an author listened to them and shared what they know.

Finally, Sarah demonstrated a love and respect for writing by asking my kids about what they wrote or were writing.  Our conversation sometimes drifted all over the place, but that just speaks to the intuitive sensibility Sarah had with her audience that day.” 

“My kids were initially wowed by the topic of her book, but then they were charmed by the friendly, accessible love of writing (and the work which goes into it) which Sarah very clearly articulated. After our talk with Sarah, our talk was referenced by my students on several occasions.  In many cases they felt that they finally got a real sense of the (almost daily) fluctuating combination of talent, hard work, and inspiration needed to write something and see it all the way through to the end.I would absolutely welcome Sarah back into my classroom to speak to my students, and I hope to be able to schedule her this year!”

“Sarah generously offered her time and expertise to my senior writing elective called, ‘Experiments in Writing.’ We were working on writing children’s books, and Sarah came on board as our professional author in residence for a week. She helped the students shape their stories and troubleshoot potential problems. Throughout the entire process, Sarah offered useful advice and tips. The students valued her wisdom and eagerly sought her constructive criticism. Due to Sarah’s guidance, my students produced some terrific children’s books that they were very proud of!”


“What an amazing connection our kindergarten students had! The kids were on the edge of their seats the entire time and could hardly wait to ask their questions! Sarah was highly engaging and the experience will allow us to connect the interaction to the writing process for many weeks to come!”