Why So Many Pen Names?

I write fiction under a lot of different pen names, also known as pseudonyms. Why, you may be wondering? When I was an editor, my boss had a rule about not using our real names, so my Sesame Street name is Constance Allen. Then it just seemed to make sense to use different names for the different kinds of writing that I do, so my other names include Sarah Willson, which is my married name (yes, two L’s). I also use various combinations of my kids’ names like Catherine Samuel and Catherine Lukas. I haven’t listed all of my books below; here are just a few, to give you an idea of the kind of writing I do.

Dora the Explorer: Dora’s Backpack Dora the Explorer: Dora’s Backpack by Sarah Albee

One of the first Dora books to be published! I wrote this before the show even aired, based on a script that was still in development.

Little Star Little Star by Sarah Albee

Dora helps Little Star find her way back into the sky. Kids may learn a few new Spanish words along the way.

Elmo Loves You Elmo Loves You by Constance Allen

I’ve written a bunch of Sesame Street books (usually under the name Constance Allen). This is one of the bestsellers. I will always love Elmo.

SpongeBob: Behold, No Cavities! SpongeBob: Behold, No Cavities! by Sarah Willson

SpongeBob, a star dental patient, finally drags Patrick to the dentist. Dental X-rays get switched, and the usual Bikini Bottom chaos ensues.

Pet Peeves Pet Peeves by Sarah Willson

A story about how kids start a pet-sitting business and how they learn the ins and outs of organizing and marketing.

Hocus Focus Hocus Focus by Sarah Albee

A science-oriented story that explains sight/vision and near-sighted, far-sightedness for any kid who needs glasses.

Clever Trevor Clever Trevor by Sarah Albee

A science-oriented story about levers and a kid named Trevor who outsmarts a bully.

Halloween ABC Halloween ABC by Sarah Albee

I wrote this quite a few years ago but it’s been reillustrated and is still extremely popular!

The Dragon’s Scales The Dragon’s Scales by Sarah Albee

A leveled reader with math concept (grades 2 and up) about a hot-tempered dragon that won’t let villagers cross a bridge.